Want to find long-term upward trends in minutes?

No problem! Our Green Signal can instantly identify when price is likely to make long-term movements up. And that's just the beginning. The Green Signal is just one of seven signals in the Endeavor program. Through our partnership with MetaStock, you'll have full access to all of Endeavor as well as expert level charts and charting tools. See for yourself how easy it can be to predict how price will move. Sign up for our Quick Picks and get trade ideas sent to your inbox.

Fun facts about the Green Signal!

  • One of seven signals included in the Endeavor program which is offered as a subscription service through MetaStock.
  • Quickly identify long-term upward trends on thousands of your favorite stocks, ETFs and REITs. 
  • Trigger Points pinpoint when it's safe to enter the trade, eliminating the need for confusing indicators.
  • Up, down, or sideways, Green Signals keep working no matter how the markets are trading.
  • Greens can make big percentages! Check out a few of the movers from 2017 into 2018.

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Movers - WMT +19% in 7 Months | LOW +28% in 4 Months | SBAC +30% in 7 Months | KSS +47% in 5 Months 

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Why use Endeavor?


  • Instantly identify how price will trade! The days of guessing will be a thing of the past.

  • A proven system. Every stock that has ever exceeded its all-time high has been identified by the Endeavor Program.

  • Access to a library of short videos as well as in-depth tutorials that will walk you through how the different signals work.

  • Available in over 90 different countries as a subscription service through our partner MetaStock.

Finally a system that won't break the bank!

You pay your way - either $99 a month or $1,069 once a year.